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A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY IN THE WORLD OF SCIENCE is the website behind the Nordic region’s biggest popular science magazine, Illustreret Videnskab. At, you encounter the most inquisitive of Danes, who love new technology and are curious about the world around them. Illustreret Videnskab enjoys high credibility, and at, your commercial content is assured a position in an attractive context. The website deals with all branches of the fascinating world of science – technology, universe, nature, man and the past. Illustreret Videnskab zooms in on science’s greatest mysteries and at the same time gets right up close to people’s everyday lives. Illustreret Videnskab both explains the theory of the Big Bang and answers whether a spider can survive in your vacuum cleaner. explains the complicated things in a credible, entertaining way and always features a wealth of great photos, videos, galleries, graphics, tests and quizzes.

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Source: Online Index DK, January 2017


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