Alt om Historie is about giving the reader tasters of everything to do with the history of the world. The editors select the best stories on everything from war to popular culture. We revisit the most dramatic moments in history, from classical antiquity to the turn of the 21st century. Articles focus on exciting events and interesting personalities, from Julius Caesar and Cleopatra to Lech Walesa and Margaret Thatcher. All this is accompanied by carefully chosen illustrations, maps and easily assimilable summaries and fact boxes. In each issue, the reader will also share new findings about the past, and discover tips, questions and answers, and a quiz for testing one’s knowledge of the history – alone or against a friend.

Åke Steinwall, Editor-in-chief

Alt om Historie has readers of all ages in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. They include history buffs as well as readers simply interested in a thrilling story. Several of our readers are also interested in the events that paved the way for current affairs today.

Kort & Godt
• We portray history in an engaging and entertaining way.

• The magazine features both the big, famous stories and lesser-known, odd events.

• We explain issues that shaped today's events by delving into historical backgrounds.


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Søren Ødegaard
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Alt om Historie – Publishing plan 2018

225.01.18415.12.17Cleopatra’s power struggle
322.02.18822.01.18Churchill’s years of war
415.03.181112.02.18The various emperors of China
512.04.181507.03.18Abraham Lincoln
603.05.181827.03.18How Jesus became world famous
731.05.182224.04.18Ivan the Terrible
821.06.182518.05.18The Nazi’s path to power
919.07.182918.06.18Queen Victoria
1009.08.183209.07.18The Iranian Revolution
1106.09.183606.08.18The Battle for Stalingrad
1204.10.184003.09.18Mandela’s battle against apartheid
1301.11.184401.10.18The Samurai
1429.11.184829.10.18The space race between the USA and USSR

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