Bo Bedre is the Danes’ favourite interior magazine!

Denmark’s no. 1 interiors magazine is in a league of its own for circulation and readership figures. BO BEDRE is the Danes’ interior style magazine of choice. Writing and images from the cream of experts, journalists, photographers and designers means top quality and authenticity.

BO BEDRE sets the interiors agenda with its selection of news, shopping and homes features. Its aura of exclusivity inspires readers to adopt and adapt styles for their own homes. Its focus is the Scandinavian style of living at its best!

Erik Rimmer, Editor in Chief

Target audience
Their lifestyle is reflected in their home, and quality and design are given high priority when purchasing new items for their home.

Events are an ideal opportunity for advertisers to entice Bo Bedre readers into their world. In cooperation with advertisers, Bo Bedre invites its readers to various events.
Together with Bolig Magsinet and Costume Living, we hold our annual major Design Awards.
In breif
• Denmark’s leading home interiors magazine!
• High quality and reliability in an exclusive form
• Always first with the latest home interiors trends and future trends within homes, lifestyle and interiors.
• Creates dreams of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

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Brand­ Manager

Henrik Mader
Henrik Mader
Sales Manager
+45 2023 6054 [email protected]


Sources: TNS Gallup 1. half year 2019



Age distribution

Aged 12-24
Aged 25-39
Aged 40-59
Aged 60+


East of the Great Belt
West of the Great Belt
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Bo Bedre – Publishing plan 2020

216.01.20309.12.19Bathroom, bedroom, wardrobes
320.02.20822.01.20Kitchens: the perfect dining room with lighting
426.03.201326.02.20The family house. Renovation: before and after, redecorating with a new colour scheme and alternative finishes? EXTRA: Garden+country
523.04.201724.03.20Gold issue, EXTRA: ALL ABOUT FOOD
619.05.202120.04.20Green issue - the sustainable home
718.06.202514.05.20Summer, home, textiles, patio, barbecue
816.07.202917.06.20Bathroom, Design Awards, sofas
906.08.203208.07.20Smart Home
1027.08.203530.07.20The Danish Design issue
1124.09.203926.08.20Kitchens, lighting and lamps. Bedrooms
1222.10.204323.09.20CHRISTMAS, EXTRA: Christmas gift magazine
1326.11.204828.10.20Christmas EXTRA: ALL ABOUT FOOD
122.12.205226.11.20Trends for 2020

Bo Bedre – Ad prices 2020

FormatPrice, DK kr.
2/1 page151,200
1/1 page79,400
1/2 page55,900
Back cover151,700
Inner back cover103,500
Page 2-3198,800
Page 4-5190,800
Zone 1 – 2/1 page181,200
Zone 1 – 1/1 page95,500
2/1 side + cover flap380,800
1/1 side + halfpage flap148,000
2/1 side Native Article
*In addition, production costs
1/1 side Native Article
*In addition, production costs
Ad formats


Spread 460×295
Fullpage 230×295
Halfpage 230×145
Halfpage 112×295

The formats are net formats. Remember crop marks and 5 mm bleed. Double-page ads/spreads must be supplied as two single pages in the same PDF file. The image is shifted 2.5 mm on each side of the spine. Text, logo, etc., must be located at least 9 mm from the edge. The ad should be uploaded at 10 AM on deadline date.

Deadline for the Guide is 1 week before the ordinary deadline

Guide ads

Formatprice, DK kr.
BOB guide A1
Photo format 57x57
BOB guide A2
Photo format 128,5x57
BOB guide A3
Photo format 200x57
BOB guide B1
Photo format 57x145,5
BOB guide B2
Photo format 57x234
BOB guide C
Photo format 128,5x145,5

Purchase a full page with guides and have your logo included. A full page with guides is always based on the existing set guide modules. A full page consists of a maximum of nine modules. Price: DKK 57,600.
Quantity discount: 3 insertions: -10%, 6 insertions -15%, 10 insertions: -20%
Optimise quantity discount: A1 module = 1 insertion, A2 module = 2 insertions, A3 module = 3 insertions, B1 module = 2 insertions B2 module = 3 insertions C module = 4 insertions

are considering spending money on furniture within the next year.
have a household income of at least DKK 800,000.
69 %
live in an owner-occupied home.
87 %
are happy to pay extra for quality products.