The world's most exciting history

Get right up close to the most dramatic moments in history in the Nordic Region’s biggest history magazine.

Historie is a popular history magazine for inquisitive people of all ages. In each issue, the reader is taken on a journey to all corners of world history – from the Nazi death camp in Stalingrad’s ruins to the birth of Rome. We look over the shoulders of engineers as they change the world with steel and gigantic building projects, and we come close to everyday life in the Dark Ages. Always with a good story taking centre stage. The thinking behind Historie is to bring the past to life in an entertaining and informative way with in-depth maps, unique photos and above all quality journalism in each and every issue.

Henrik Elling, Editor in Chief

Target audience
Here, you will meet highly educated Danes aged 25-59. They wish to experience the history for themselves and often visit historic sites all over the world.

In short
• Takes the reader on an exciting journey.
• Gives the reader the world's most crucial turning points.
• Brings the past to life in dramatic battles, daring voyages of discovery, major accomplishments and the masterpieces of world art.
• Puts the present in perspective and explains why the world has turned out the way it has.

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Brand Manager

Johan Sava
Johan Sava
+45 48 22 44 50 [email protected]


Sources: TNS Gallup, 1. half year 2018


61 %
39 %

Age distribution

Aged 12-24
22 %
Aged 25-39
23 %
Aged 40-59
33 %
Aged 60+
22 %


East of the Great Belt
53 %
West of the Great Belt
47 %
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Historie – Publishing plan 2019

217.01.19307.12.18Bohus Fortress in Sweden, singapore celebrates 200 years.
307.02.19608.01.19Portrait of Wellington, Seti – the forgotten Pharaoh, the Great Chicago Fire.
428.02.19929.01.19The Corinth Canal.
521.03.191219.02.19The German tank destroyers, Nordic crusades.
604.04.191405.03.19Easter crime, Leonardo da Vinci.
725.04.191722.03.19The Battle of Shanghai, behind the TV series Vikings.
11 18.07.192918.06.19

Historie – Ad prices 2019

FormatPrice, DK kr.
2/1 page41.000
1/1 page21.500
1/2 page14.000
Back cover26.800
Inner back cover24.700
Page 2-353.600
Page 4-551.500
Zone 1 – 2/1 page49.500
Zone 1 – 1/1 page25.800
2/1 page + Cover flap103.100
1/1 page + half page flap39.800
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