Denmark's biggest health magazine hit the mark with its successful relaunch in 2014, coming back stronger than ever with the biggest pick up in circulation among magazines in the first half year - and a whole range of new digital opportunities for all women who love to live healthily and well in a non-fanatical way.

A brand new I FORM

Health is about much more than arduous training and notching up personal records. So we have made some changes and improvements to Denmark’s leading magazine in the area, to incorporate health in a broader perspective. Focussing on balance, well-being, energy reserves and much more, I FORM (‘On form’) now occupies a stronger position in the market and reaches a wider target audience than before. Our extensive choice of digital media and options are the perfect supplement to the magazine.

Our main goal is to inspire and motivate women to lead a healthy, happy life. I FORM is without comparison the best magazine on the market in terms of scope and well-researched articles for this sector. We help our readers’ dreams come true, giving them the best journalistic and visual input and making reading a pleasure. No empty calories here! Our readership incorporates the women who already follow a healthy lifestyle – and those who sincerely wish for one.

Klaus Nygaard, Acting Editor in Chief

Target audience
I FORM is the magazine for women who want to be healthy and have plenty of energy for family, work, leisure and friends. Several new article series will spotlight health issues such as stress, sleep and sex. We are not out to judge those who haven't yet taken the step to improving their lifestyle. We are there to help people reach goals, whether it's losing 5-10 kg, running 5-10 km or having 5-10 times the energy to cope with a busy week.

In short
• For women who want to be the best, happiest version of themselves.
• The guide to a healthy, happy lifestyle, without anyone pointing a finger at you.
• Training, diet, well-being, equipment and lots of useful information.
• I FORM KvindeTRI (women’s triathlon): Charlottelund, may 28
• POWERWEEKEND: March 17-18 and again in September 22-24.

Brand­ Manager

Estelle Dehn-Christoffersen
Estelle Dehn-Christoffersen
Key Account Manager
+45 2168 2880


Sources: TNS Gallup 2. half year 2016


31 %
69 %

Age distribution

Aged 12-24
19 %
Aged 25-39
23 %
Aged 40-59
40 %
Aged 60+
18 %


East of the Great Belt
49 %
West of the Great Belt
51 %
Online prices and formats go to digital

I Form – Publishing plan 2017

212.01.17207.12.16Runner's knee, Test: Wireless speakers, Citrus, Chili
302.02.17502.01.17Tennis elbow, Test: Running watches, Healthy pancakes, curly kale
423.02.17823.01.17The sciatic nerve, Test: Yoga mats, Salads with sprouted seeds, olive oil
516.03.171113.02.17Inflammation of the Achilles' tendon, Test: Training tops, Healthy bread, salmon
606.04.171406.03.17Back pain, Test: Easter egg running shoes, Rucola
727.04.171722.03.17Pulled muscles, Test: Bike helmets, Healthy, delicious 'slider' rolls and asparagus
810.05.171904.04.17Inflammation around the shin bone, Test: Sun lotions, buckwheat
901.06.172227.04.17Discus throw, healthy berries, Sensible sun worship, Test: Activity trackers, pizza
1022.06.172517.05.17Damage to the cruciate ligament, Test: Padded cycling shorts, Food for the barbecue, Strawberries
11 13.07.172812.06.17Sprains, Test: Running and cycling sunglasses, Ice cream and summer berries, Broccoli

I Form – Ad prices 2017

FormatPrice, DK kr.
2/1 page91.300
1/1 page47.900
1/2 page31.200
1/4 page16.800
Back Cover67.300
Inner Back Cover55.200
Page 2-3120.000
Page 4-5115.200
Zone 1 – 2/1 page110.400
Zone 1 – 1/1 page57.500
2/1 page + cover flap230.200
1/1 side + half page flap88.700
2/1 page advertorial
*In addition, production costs
1/1 page advertorial
*In addition, production costs
Ad formats


Spread 410×276
Fullpage 205×276
Halfpage 205×136
Halfpage 100×276

The formats are net formats. Remember crop marks and 5 mm bleed. Double-page ads must be delivered as two single pages. The image is shifted 2.5 mm on each side of the spine. Text, logo, etc., must be located at least 9 mm from the edge. The ad should be uploaded at

75 %
are very/quite interested in nutrition
76 %
are very/quite interested in health.
40 %
are very/quite interested in skin care
54 %
are considering spending money on sportswear within the next year.