idényt is Denmark's leading home and garden magazine, both in terms of print circulation and readership.

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We provide home-owners with the key to the good life – in everything that relates to house and garden. Our astute journalists and experts bring readers everything they need in dealing with the day-to-day issues of owning a home. The magazine delivers news, inspirational content, good advice, practical ideas and information, giving you just the right mix of facts and interesting offers from leading brands.
With idényt at your side, owning a house and garden is simple – all year-round.

Anna-Lise Aaen,  Editor-in-chief

Target group and mission
Core readers are the group of home-owners who are interested in matters relating to house and garden.
The general picture is a mix of the population spread across typical demographic lines.

Our mission is to be the preferred adviser for the day-to-day issues of owning a home. This means we as journalists concentrate on bringing our readers information, tips and inspiration for life as a home-owner – for every eventuality from emergency to simple enjoyment.

In short
• idényt is Denmark´s foremost and most widely read magazine.
An article such as 'Right now in the garden' can be read by over a million people, for example. Strong editorial content ensures that your ad will be seen – and, not least, read!

• 'idényt is like a visit from a good friend', says one reader of the regular arrival of idenyt in the post. We are unique – and proud of it.


Sources: TNS Gallup, 2. half year 2016
Gallup Instar DK / Toplisten, February 2017
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43 %
57 %

Age distribution

Aged 12-24
3 %
Aged 25-39
10 %
Aged 40-59
38 %
Aged 60+
48 %


East of the Great Belt
41 %
West of the Great Belt
59 %


Brand Manager

Tommy Sverre Willumsen
Tommy Sverre Willumsen
Sales Director
+45 4457 4513


Key Account

Jimmy Rørbæk
Jimmy Rørbæk
Advertising Manager
+45 4457 4538
Jan Hamm
Jan Hamm
Key Account Manager
+45 2311 9431
Finn Ryberg
Finn Ryberg
Key Account Manager
+45 4059 4460

Key Account

Klaus Blickfeldt
Klaus Blickfeldt
Key Account Manager
+45 5134 2218
Mikkel Saabye
Mikkel Saabye
Key Account Manager
+45 2380 8501
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Documentation of impact
We have tested advertising effects over more than 25 years and have a unique insight into the elements that provide a response. Recently, we have documented advertising impact in a way that clearly shows the effects of both printed and online advertising. We use this tool to design the best campaign for you – one in which you can expect optimal customer response.

This will also reach “No circular” target group people.
idényt is a magazine that is bound by and lives up to the same journalistic requirements as national papers. This is why idenyt is read by some 400,000 home-owners in our distribution network who have otherwise opted for the “No circulars” (”Reklamer nej tak”) scheme.

Sector reports
Through idényt’s panel of ‘home experts’ (33,000 members) regular sector reports on the most relevant house and home issues are generated. The reports highlight things such as awareness and intention to buy for various brands within a category. Contact us for the report on your sector.


55 %
are very/fairly interested in the garden
40 %
are very/fairly interested in do-it-yourself
33 %
are very/fairly interested in kitchen design and equipment
12 %
are thinking about buying new windows within the next 12 months