Nearly one in ten Danes read Illustreret Videnskab (Science Illustrated)

More than 500,000 Danes read about new technology, cutting-edge research and the inventions of tomorrow in Illustreret Videnskab.

Illustreret Videnskab is by far Denmark’s most widely read specialist magazine. This is because we satisfy an instinct as old as man himself: curiosity. In each issue, the reader is guaranteed aha moments, suspense and surprising news. In short: The possibility of learning about the world around them.

Sebastian Relster, Editor in Chief

Target audience
Curious and inquisitive Danes aged 25-59 who are interested in new technology.

In short
• A journey of discovery in the latest breakthroughs in the world of science.
• Curious and uncompromising in the pursuit of making it unbelievably easy for everyone to understand.
• Works actively with the latest communication technology: apps, iPad version and use of AR solutions (Augmented Reality) in articles.

Brand­ Manager

Johan Sava
Johan Sava
+45 4822 4450 [email protected]


Sources: TNS Gallup 1. half year 2018


59 %
41 %

Age distribution

Aged 12-24
22 %
Aged 25-39
21 %
Aged 40-59
33 %
Aged 60+
24 %


East of the Great Belt
49 %
West of the Great Belt
51 %
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Illustreret Videnskab – Publishing plan 2018

211.01.18206.12.17Overpopulation, climate changes, energy shortage, extermination of animal species
301.02.18502.01.18Mini monkey in Africa, the Leaning Tower in San Francisco, download a higher intelligence
422.02.18823.01.18Learn to spot a lie, wild animals move to town, aircraft accidents secure the aircraft
508.03.181006.02.1810 myths about T-Rex, driverless freight, planet hunter will find life in the earth's backyard
627.03.181326.02.18The cure for cancer, the world's first flower, China’s new Silk Road will cross the desert, swamp and mountains
719.04.181615.03.18Monster volcano smoulders in North Korea, how doctors transform men into women, the world’s coldest point on ISS space station
809.05.181909.04.18Trees’ internet, gravitational wave, green airliners
931.05.182226.04.18Technology has moved onto the football field, how life began
1021.06.182522.05.18Technology from the past makes a come-back, our universe is just one of many

Illustreret Videnskab - Ad prices 2018

FormatPrice, DK kr.
2/1 page103.200
1/1 page54.300
1/2 page35.300
Back Cover68.000
Inner Back Cover62.400
Page 2-3135.800
Page 4-5130.300
Zone 1 – 2/1 page125.000
Zone 1 – 1/1 page65.300
2/1 page + Cover flap260.800
1/1 page + half page flap100.500
1/1 page Native Article
*In addition, production costs
Ad formats


Spread 430×290
Fullpage 215×290
Halfpage 215×142
Halfpage 105×290

The formats are net formats. Remember crop marks and 5 mm bleed. Double-page ads must be delivered as two single pages. The image is shifted 2.5 mm on each side of the spine. Text, logo, etc., must be located at least 9 mm from the edge. The ad should be uploaded at

15.298 Dk kr.
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are considering spending money on TV, DVD and video equipment within the next 12 months.
are considering buying a car.
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