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Denmark's only magazine for women aged 40+

We are adult, we are honest, we are curious, we are enthusiastic, we are choosy. These are the attributes of Magasinet Liv.
Magasinet Liv is for and about us, the over-40s. We understand because we’re at the same life stage.

When you have more time for yourself. More money to spend on yourself. And the desire to enjoy what is good and share what is difficult. To be part of a community that is mature, and getting on for wise!

So in Magasinet Liv you will always find inspiring fashion and beauty for the woman who looks after herself, health issues for women interested in in-depth coverage, meals for women who aren’t afraid of a bit of whipped cream and topics that go deep into our experiences and the solutions we have found.

Lea Østergaard Andersen, Editor in Chief

Target audience
Active women in their 40s and high-earning career women who are interested in fashion, beauty, health and interior decoration.

• Liv Model. Model competition in Liv where we show that women over 40 are beautiful and fabulous. Readers are invited to enter through the magazine. Five winners are picked, who are treated to a day of pampering with a makeover and photo shoot. Opportunity to be a partner throughout the process and to be integrated on the different platforms, as well as to be involved in the makeover day itself.
• Shopping events.
In short
• Denmark's first and biggest magazine for women aged 40+!
• We surprise, inspire and provide insight and food for thought – a celebration of life, experience and opportunities for women aged 40+.
• Personal, touching and thoughtful interviews with exciting women – always aged 40+.
• Models, topics and angles in beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle are 100 percent focused on the mature woman – so that women aged 40+ can recognise themselves on every page of Liv.

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Brand­ Manager

Hanne Rasmussen
Hanne Rasmussen
Key Account Manager
+45 2788 0903 [email protected]


Sources: TNS Gallup 1. half year 2019



Age distribution

Aged 12-24
Aged 25-39
Aged 40-59
Aged 60+


East of the Great Belt
West of the Great Belt
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Liv – Publishing plan 2019

210.01.19305.12.18Hot flushes, depression, your pelvic floor, anti-inflammation, foundation and concealer.
307.02.19609.01.19Party shoes, your body in menopause, genius 40+ ingredients for your skin.
414.03.191113.02.19Clothing by body type, sporty spice 40+, 40+ eyes, Vårfest.
511.04.191513.03.19Easter food, sandals of the summer, get ready for summer from your knees and down, clothes for your body type.
609.05.191905.04.19The French summer land, get dressed in colours, sunscreen, water-proof make-up.
706.06.192306.05.19The Spanish summer land, bathing suits, flip floppers, take care of your skin – before and after skin.

Liv – Ad prices 2019

FormatPrice, DK. kr.
2/1 page75.400
1/1 page45.700
1/2 page27.300
1/4 page12.500
Back Cover 54.900
Inner Back Cover52.500
Page 2-3114.300
Page 4-5109.600
Zone 1 – 2/1 page105.000
Zone 1 – 1/1 page54.900
2/1 side + cover flap219.400
1/1 side + halfpage flap84.500
2/1 page Native Article
*In addition, production costs
1/1 page Native Article
*In addition, production costs
Ad formats


Spread 450×295
Fullpage 225×295
Halfpage 225×145
Halfpage 110×295

The formats are net formats. Remember crop marks and 5 mm bleed. Double-page ads must be delivered as two single pages. The image is shifted 2.5 mm on each side of the spine. Text, logo, etc., must be located at least 9 mm from the edge. The ad should be uploaded at annonceupload.dk

56 %
love to spend money on themselves.
86 %
are happy to pay extra for quality products.
50 %
are very/quite interested in skin care.
60 %
are very/quite interested in interior design/home interiors.