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Scandinavian Living by BO BEDRE is for those of you who love Scandinavian design. It is the magazine you have to see if you want to keep updated on one of the largest and most global home interior trends. As the only one of its kind on the market, Scandinavian Living by BO BEDRE, is a high-end magazine exclusively about Scandinavian design, architecture, interior and home decorating – a universe, which in a modern context has everything we are known for in Scandinavia: the timeless, the quality, the craftsmanship, the simplicity, the sustainability, the natural materials and the aesthetics into the future. The magazine has articles showing a large number of Scandinavian homes, both large and small, in cities and in the countryside, and presents the readers with the latest designs created by Danish, Swedish or Norwegian designers and design brands. There are portraits of exciting designers, guides to both shopping and the Scandinavian cities, as well as specific tips for easy DIY projects in your home. In each issue there is a theme, e.g. the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor life, etc. plus recipes for a Scandinavian cuisine menu. In brief, the reader is given the ultimate experience of the Scandinavian lifestyle, always carefully selected and overseen by the editorial team behind Northern Europe’s largest home interiors magazine, BO BEDRE, which is based in Copenhagen.

Erik Rimmer, Editor in Chief

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Brand­ Manager

Jeannette Folmann Tempte
Jeannette Folmann Tempte
International Sales Manager
+45 5355 3569 [email protected]
Peggy de Geus
Peggy de Geus
Contact in Netherland
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Target Audience
People with a great interest in design, high income and consumption

Scandinavian Living by Bo Bedre Netherlands – Publishingplan 2020

325.06.202613.05.20Furniture and design
514.10.204208.09.20Christmas & Design gifts
602.12.204927.10.20Sleeping rooms

Scandinavian Living by Bo Bedre Netherlands – Ad prices 2020

FormatPrice, Euro
2/1 page10.000
1/1 page5.200
Back cover10.000
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The formats are net formats. Remember crop marks and 5 mm bleed. Double-page ads/spreads must be supplied as two single pages in the same PDF file. The image is shifted 2.5 mm on each side of the spine. Text, logo, etc., must be located at least 9 mm from the edge. The ad should be uploaded at 10 AM on deadline date

It is so nice to finally have a magazine dedicated to Scandinavian design and living
The very best of Scandinavian lifestyle
Superior quality
Provides inspiration for the simple and trendy Scandinavian lifestyle