It's all about you!

In Woman, we write about everything that matters in a woman’s life. Nothing is too small – or too big – and we guide readers through everything from wardrobe crises to life crises. Which cream suits my skin, what should I eat, what does his text message mean? Women aged 18 to 35 can find the answers to all this and more in Woman – it’s all about them!

Sara Møller Christensen, Editor in chief

Target audience
Young women aged 18-35 who are interested in fashion, cosmetics and skin care, to whom living and eating healthy are important.

Shopping and beauty events.
In short
• Denmark's biggest magazine for young women!
• Surprises with a glint in its eye.
• Fashion, beauty, health, men, sex, careers, self-development and travel.
• Always ready to give an honest answer, a good story or an inspiring tip.

Brand Manager

Hanne Rasmussen
Hanne Rasmussen
+45 2788 0903 [email protected]


Sources: TNS Gallup, 1. half year 2017


15 %
85 %

Age distribution

Aged -24
29 %
Aged 25-39
38 %
Aged 40-59
24 %
Aged 60+
10 %


East of the Great Belt
52 %
West of the Great Belt
48 %
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Woman – Publishing plan 2017

22809.02.17612.01.17Spring trends, watches, the new perfumes, beauty ideas from A-Z, walk yourself healthy
22906.04.171409.03.17Swimwear, shoes, sunglasses, the bikini body, nail trends
23001.06.172202.05.17Dresses, bags, sun protection, dermatologist recommendations, healthy snacks
23107.09.173610.08.17Autumn trends, healthy and good-looking hair, the physical check up
23226.10.174328.09.17Jewellery, lingerie, party clothing, make up trends

Woman – Ad prices 2017

FormatPrice, DK kr.
2/1 page83.600
1/1 page50.700
1/2 page32.600
Back Cover60.800
Inner Back Cover58.200
Page 2-3126.700
Page 4-5121.600
Zone 1 - 2/1 page116.600
Zone 1 - 1/1 page60.800
2/1 page + Cover flap243.200
1/1 page + halfpage flap93.700
2/1 page advertorial
*In addition, production costs
1/1 page advertorial
*In addition, production costs
Ad formats


Spread 420×275
Fullpage 210×275
Halfpage 210×135
Halfpage 100×275

The formats are net formats. Remember crop marks and 5 mm bleed. Double-page ads must be delivered as two single pages. The image is shifted 2.5 mm on each side of the spine. Text, logo, etc., must be located at least 9 mm from the edge. The ad should be uploaded at

54 %
are very/quite interested in fashion clothes.
71 %
are very/quite interested in nutrition.
82 %
are happy to pay extra for quality products.
76 %
make an effort to take good care of their body and appearance.