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Benjamin Media is a leader in interiors, house and garden, fashion, beauty, cars, science, training, healthy lifestyles, well-being, gadgets, IT and photography. Placing an ad in our magazines, whether as a digital campaign, a print campaign or a combination of the two will put you in touch with Denmark's best consumers with the highest spending power.
Frederik Ohl

Frederik Ohl
Sales Director

Gitte Højbjerg Jensen

Gitte Højbjerg
Sales Director, idenyt & VoresVilla

At Benjamin Media, we have some of Denmark’s strongest brands in housing, garden, cars, fashion, beauty, fitness, health, DIY, IT and photography. Through these brands, we are in touch with customers in both Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries daily, and this contact allows us to connect your brand with some of the media world’s most interesting and affluent demographics.

Our media’s users are demanding, and the trust they show us by using our platforms is what drives us. We see it as our mission to meet the consumers, where they want to be met, with what they find interesting and when they want to use our content. When we live up to these obligations, we are rewarded with great engagement, long reading times and overall satisfied customers. In a media world that is changing more and more, time with the users is a key, value-producing element, and therefore forms a foundation for our cooperation with advertisers and commercial partners.

This is a time we would also like to spend showing individual users your particular commercial message, and we are happy to assist in the entire process from media strategy to execution. The possibilities are boundless – from print, digital, sponsorships and on to integrated cross-platform content collaboration. Our award-nominated specialists at Benjamin Native Studio are experts at Native Advertising and are eager to meet for a talk about dreams, challenges and solutions. We promise you will not be disappointed!

I look forward to continuing to develop closer business partnerships in advance and to establish stronger ties between Benjamin Media’s target demographics and commercial partners.

We work closely with Benjamin Media Research
The sales department work closely with Benjamin Media Research to generate knowledge and measurable results for the benefit of our customers and business partners.